Crystal Skulls interview with Michelle McKay

Michelle co-hosts Paranormal Filler radio show. She talks about her “link” with the Crystal Skull, and also her Uncle’s association with it. Yes, the Indiana Jones skull. Nicole Lahousse also interviewed. Watch here.

On May 25, 2014, Michelle co-hosted Paranormal Filler radio show with Wes Forsythe. The topic was the Crystal Skulls — yes, the one that was the topic of the Indiana Jones movie. Michelle mentions her “link” to the Crystal Skull and also her Uncle’s association with the Crystal Skull (Mitchel-Hedges).

Michelle and Wes also interviewed Nicole Lahousse in this episode. Nicole has a BA, BMsc, and is the owner of Majik LLC and Rising Lotus. Nicole also has degrees in both Biology/Chemistry and Metaphysics. She is a distributer for the modern crystal skulls. Watch the interview here: