True Ghost Story: The Old Lady At The Mail Box

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jade on Jan 25, 2014:

“Every morning I would check the mailbox to see if I’d gotten any mail, there would always be this friendly old lady who would greet me. Some days I would take her to dinner. We would talk and laugh. People would always look at me funny. My mom said she didn’t trust that poor old lady! But either way I did…

One morning, I saw a man there smiling. “Where is Mrs. Green?” I would say. He pointed to a memorial stone out back that read, ‘Carol Green 1922 – 1991’. I was freaking out and all I can manage to say is, “Okay!”

I started to do some research and found out where her niece lived. She’s 31. One afternoon, I knocked on the house. She opened the door. I told her about what I saw and everything. She told me time to time she would see her too, and her kids who died. She said she has a room upstairs with pictures of her and a few candles. It would bring her to her room. That night she asked me if I would like to stay. I thanked her and stayed. Now I am 28 and still see her.”

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