Private Residential in Berwick – Haunted Ontario Database

Location: Berwick, Ontario, Canada
Type: private residential, our case# H3117
Built: 1993

Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to Berwick to conduct an investigation at this location. The following is the activity reported to us:

Hearing “male voices” when on the main floor that sound like what the client described as a “steady drone” coming from the basement between 1am-3am

Strange bright light hovering/bouncing on the wall that was “an odd blobby shape” and “square on one side” in the master bedroom

Their son used to speak to a “man in the wall” in this house when he was 3yrs old

The daughter-in-law has awoken to a young boy standing at the foot of the bed

A friend of the family has seen “shadow people” from the side of her view

Ten seconds into the audio you will hear what appears to be a female voice saying “yeah” in response to questions being asked from the investigators. She was not heard at the time of the recording. The only female in the house at this time was the client and she claims that this was definitely not her:

CONCLUSION (from Michelle McKay):

The male noises heard coming from the basement are more than likely sounds coming from the sump-pump and heating vent in the basement.

The master bedroom has a lot of shiny objects (ie. crystals hanging off the four-poster bed) in it. The reported “light hovering on the wall” could have been caused by light coming through one of the objects. However, the team was unable to re-create the effect that the client experienced. So this is still yet to be determined.

Strong EMF readings were found coming from the son’s bed. The source for these high readings were traced back to wiring below the floor.

As for “Audio 1”, this remains a mystery.

If you have experienced any activity in Berwick, or at any other location anywhere else in the world , please tell us about it here