Private Residential in Ottawa – Haunted Ottawa Database

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Type: currently a residential, used to be a b&b, our case# I2314
Built: 1895

Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to Ottawa to conduct an investigation at this location. The following is the list of activity reported to us:

Lights turning on and off on their own. Especially in the upstairs bathroom, even after replacement of old fixtures and re-wiring.

Hearing creaks that sound like footsteps, upon inspection nobody is there. The creaks were heard coming from the room above (loft, 3rd floor) while in the Master Bedroom (also called Room 3A).

The feeling of somebody “blowing on your leg” and feeling the sheet move while lieing in bed (the side closest to the door) in the Master Bedroom (2nd floor) during the middle of the night (approx. 2am/3am).

A guest reported she “felt someone touch her shoulder in the middle of the night as she woke up” in bed. She was alone in the room, and the door was locked. This took place in Room 3 (2nd floor).

EVP # 1:
Sounds like it is saying: “All this work”, or “August Fourth”. This audio was captured in the bathroom of the Master Bedroom (2nd floor) at 11:24pm during our investigation. Video footage from the Master Bedroom that was recording at the same time (11:24pm) also had the same voice on it with no visual anomalies seen in the footage (see “Video 1” below). Nobody was near the room at this time, everybody was downstairs and the door was closed:

EVP # 2:
Sounds like it is saying: “Pain..kill you too”, or “will you do”. This audio was captured in Room 3 (2nd floor) at 1:06am during our investigation. Nobody was near the room at this time:

VIDEO # 1:
This is footage from the camcorder that was running in the Master Bedroom at 11:24pm. There was an audio recorder running at the same time (11:24pm) which was placed in the en suite bathroom which caught “EVP 1 (see above). You can see where the en suite bathroom is in the footage. You will not see any “ghosts” in this video, however, 9 seconds into the video footage you will hear “EVP #1” (see above) that was also caught in the audio from the bathroom. You might have to plug headphones into your computer to hear it clearly, however, it is the same audio as “EVP # 1” (above):

VIDEO # 2:
This is more footage of the Master Bedroom. Approximately 10 seconds into this footage you will see the footage slightly “flicker”. This occurred at 11:32pm, which was 8 minutes after “EVP # 1” was caught. Camera battery was not low, new camera:

CONCLUSION (by Michelle McKay):

“EVP # 1” and “EVP # 2” was a surprise to all of us, including the clients. Sometimes you go out to an investigation expecting to capture lots of activity and find nothing. Other times you expect to find nothing and find something, this is one of those cases.

As for “VIDEO # 2”, at first glance I am almost tempted to say that it was likely the sunlight shifting, however, this was at 11:32pm so that rules sunlight out. The battery was charged at the time and the cam was not hooked up to an electrical outlet, so it wasn’t a low battery or power surge from the house. On it’s own, the “flicker” in this video really doesn’t give any compelling evidence of paranormal activity. However, it has been submitted as circumstantial evidence due to the “flicker” occurring just 8 minutes after EVP 1. It could have been a defect in the miniDV cassette, or another strong frequency interfering with the cam. It could be nothing, however, it should be noted.

We will be scheduling another investigation at this location in the next few months. It will be interesting to see what happens next time.


Closed. The owners have unexpectantly moved out and sold this house. This case will have to be closed until permission from the new owners have been granted.


If you have experienced any activity in Ottawa, or at any other location anywhere else in the world , please tell us about it here