Private Residential in Chelsea – Haunted Quebec Database

Location: Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
Type: private residential, our case# H3118
Built: 1985 (house built by current owners)

Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ was called out to Chelsea, Quebec to conduct an investigation at this location. The following is the activity reported to us:

When their son was much younger (around 11yrs old), he woke up screaming that he had seen his grandmother lying in bed beside him. This occurred shortly after she had passed away.

The mother was “visited” by her father shortly after he passed away

Their son sees a male in the basement and believes that this male gets mad whenever his mother works in the basement

The mother has had “eerie feelings” in the basement

The son believes that there is something “cold and evil” in his brother’s bedroom. Since a very young age, he would always sleep facing the closet whenever he slept in this room because he felt as if “something would always come from behind” and he felt uncomfortable facing away from the closet.

While in his bedroom, the son’s Blackberry displayed “message being sent”, yet no message was sent when he checked it

An “uneasy” feeling is often reported while in the house

A female friend was sleeping in the brother’s bedroom and woke up with the feeling of being choked. She reported the feeling of a “curtain cord” around her neck and that the room was very cold. When the mother asked her why she did not call for help, she said she was not able to scream or move and that whenever she tried to get up it felt like “something” was holding her down.

A friend of the family “sensed” something in the basement

Although nobody has been hurt, the family believes that an “evil” entity resides in the basement. A negative, unhappy energy.

The son sees “someone” in the mother’s bedroom closet

The mother sometimes gets an “eerie feeling” in her bedroom, but says it is more noticeable in the two sons’ bedrooms, hallway outside their rooms, and the basement.

An audio recorder was placed inside the closet of one of the sons’ bedrooms. Two of our investigators were sitting outside of the closet in the son’s bedroom asking the “spirits” questions. The closet door was open. Three seconds into the audio you will hear what appears to be a tapping sound coming from inside the closet in response to the questions being asked. Keep in mind that the recorder was placed inside the closet during this entire recording. The tapping was not heard during the time of recording:


One of our investigators felt the feeling of being “poked” on the back of his left arm a few minutes after asking to be poked. He asked to be poked again, as well as asked for another investigator to be poked, but there was not repeat of this during the remainder of the investigation.

Another of our investigators reported experiencing the feeling of “almost like a slight increase in pressure” in his head upon entering this house. He reports not having this feeling outside of the house.

CONCLUSION (written by Michelle McKay):