Cemetery in Toronto – Haunted Toronto Database

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Type: cemetery, our case# C2432
Built: n/a

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WARNING: Do not trespass! Permission from the location owner must be granted to investigate this location!

In 2002, Cold Spot Paranormal Research™ went out to investigate a cemetery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after experiencing activity during a training exercise here. Our team experienced several oddities during our investigation:

Michelle McKay and one of her investigators heard “tap, tap, tap” which sounded like it was coming from the ground below them. It sounded similar to the sound a woodpecker would make, yet sounded muffled. A cause for the activity was not found.

One of our investigators reported her hand feeling numb after dusting off a grave with it. The numbness remained for the duration of the investigation and was mysteriously gone when we left the cemetery.

Batteries were drained in one of the still-cameras while attempting to take a picture of an object. These were indeed new batteries. Michelle even pulled out the batteries and put them back in again, but they still wouldn’t work. These batteries were new and never used before.

Strange incidents seemed to be occurring in the area of a particular statue of an angel in the cemetery. When the team got approximately 25 feet from the statue (angel), the temperature seemed to get warmer. One of the people helping us that night claimed she felt the feeling of “something” walking through her while standing approximately 20 feet from the statue. She then took a picture and said that just as she was snapping it the lanterns hanging next to the statue swung back and forth. The team noted there was no wind or breeze felt at this time, the air felt still. Also, upon leaving the area of the statue, an odor of “fresh baked cookies” (smelled like shortbread) followed the team for the duration of the investigation. The team did not have any food, nor was anybody wearing any cologne or fragrance.

One of our investigators heard a voice say “over here”. She said it sounded like a high-pitched child’s voice. It was noted that no children or people were around.

Michelle and one of her investigators witnessed a dim white “orb” of light fly just slightly above them, about 15-20 feet from the ground. There wasn’t enough time to take a picture of it. It was just slightly bigger than a fist, and was not very bright.

CONCLUSION (written by Michelle McKay):

First I should mention that all photographs from this investigation are 35mm film — yeah, love the analogue days! In my opinion, I believe that photos C2432B and C2432C are moisture reflection. However, photo C2432D has my curiosity, it looks like a shaft or rod coming from out of the grave. We widened and zoomed a copy of the original photo so that you may get a closer look (hence why the photo looks distorted somewhat). We visited the cemetery again at a later date and found no pipes or obstructions coming out of that particular grave.

The tapping noise we heard sounded like it was coming from the ground below us. Very odd. We looked around for a bird in the trees or some other explanation and were not able to determine the cause. However, I still feel that there has got to be some kind of non-paranormal cause that we were unaware of at the time — it’s just too weird. This is the problem with working outdoors sometimes, you just never know if it was an echo coming from somewhere else.

The flying orb of light that we witnessed could have been a fire fly (my great-uncle, renowned UFOlogist Henry McKay, suggested this). The fire flies that I have seen are a lot brighter and smaller. I can’t help but wonder if it just wasn’t one of our flashlights aimed upwards and moving, because it was about that size. This happened very quickly.

The warm spot around the statue I cannot explain. That was unexpected as we were entering into the cemetery before we were able to get any temperature meters out, so unfortunately I don’t have any temperature readings to log here. All I can say is that it “felt” warmer than the rest of the cemetery. Again, being outdoors makes it more difficult to assess.

Although some bizarre strange things occurred, we really cannot present any conclusive evidence of paranormal activity here. It is just one of those things where you just had to be there to see for yourself. This is not to say that nothing paranormal is going on here, just that we did not find any conclusive evidence of it to show you. Just bizarre occurrences. I personally believe that this cemetery is haunted.

 If you have experienced any activity at a cemetery, or at any other location anywhere else in the world , please tell us about it here