True Ghost Story: Murdered Lady Buried in House Now Haunts

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

The following report was sent into our website by Pricilla on Oct 28, 2013:

“My Mother’s family resides in the fabulous city of San Francisco. She has many brothers and sisters, one of them happened to purchase a beautiful home in an upscale neighborhood.

One day my cousin got up to fix herself some breakfast, the kitchen is adjacent to the staircase which you cannot see because of a wall, however back in the day all the stairs in this house were covered with laminate to ensure easy cleaning. While she was at the stove she heard her husband coming down the stairs, as the sound of someone coming down the stairs was all too prominent. She said “Good Morning” and looked up to greet her husband – except it wasn’t him. It was a young lady with a white lace dress that looked back at her from the bottom of the stairs. She locked eyes with her and proceeded to the basement’s staircase which was directly beneath her. My cousin could not move; she was scared stiff. She opened her mouth to yell but no sound came out.The lady started to appear more often and when she did, she would always lock eyes with the person who saw her and then slowly walk away.

I didn’t hear this story until years after it happened, my family did not want anyone to know about the ghostly lady that was appearing throughout the house. For some reason I always felt weird being in that house, but as a kid I couldn’t put my finger as to why. Until one day when I stayed the night.

My parents were drinking into the wee hours in the morning, the bar area of the house was abundant with adults sharing stories and taking shots. As I was a kid, around ten years old or so, I was given a strict bed time and was hurried to bed around eleven. I stayed in one of the guest rooms on the top floor of the house, the one my Grandma used to stay in before she passed a few years ago. Although the house gave me chills, I felt comforted knowing I slept in the same bed as her, I was close to her when she was alive. Hearing the music and the laughter below me, I couldn’t fall asleep. Finally I drifted off but was awaken to a whimsical jingle. I opened my eyes and wondered where it came from, it was so close. Half asleep, I turned on the lamp next to me and my head drifted towards the source of the sound. It came from a doll on the other side of the room. You know the dolls where the head, eyes, and arms moved to the sound of the music? The head turned slowly in my direction and the eyes opened up. Even though the music was still playing, nothing moved. As soon as I locked eyes, the music stopped and her eyes closed. I felt a chilly draft and I no longer felt alone in the room, it was as if someone was lying next to me. I bolted out of that room as fast as I could, the fear intensified my urgency to get out of there. I ran all the way to the adults but I couldn’t bring myself to tell them what happened. How could I tell them that I felt the doll was alive? I slept in the living room that night, with my parents who had crashed. I stayed underneath the blanket the entire time and even though I felt like I was losing my breath, I couldn’t bring myself to lift the covers.

Many years later, I found that my family had moved to another home. It was then that I decided to share my story with one of my family members. She just looked at me and said, “So you know about the lady buried under the bar then?” She told me that when the house was originally bought by my aunt and uncle it was for a killer deal- no pun intended. This is a very large, luxurious house and they could not turn the offer down. The realtors wanted to get rid of the house because of the reputation that came with it- my family were foreigners, they didn’t care- all they seen was a beautiful house for an amazing deal.

The house was previously owned by a family of just a husband and wife. The husband was said to be very jealous and often the neighbors wouldn’t see the wife because she was not allowed to go outside. This is why the neighbors didn’t question it when she had gone missing. He told a story of how they got divorced and she moved away. The neighbors were sad but didn’t care enough to pursue the reason behind the divorce. From what I am told, one day the husband brutally murdered his wife and buried her in an area in the second living room, eventually he covered the area with a bar. He hired his own family to help build the bar, which was immaculate. He wanted it this way, after all who would ever want to tear the bar down in the future? He made sure it was beautiful- he wanted her to stay down there forever. Eventually he passed on- by his own hands. His family found him hanging from the garage ceiling. This is the murder that the realtors conveyed to my family. That this man hung himself- no one knew about the lady buried in the bar. Not until many years later.

There was some plumbing issues in the downstairs bathroom and the house got flooded at one point. All the carpeting had to be removed, and upon the removal the workers noticed a little discrepancy in the cementing- parts of the cement were darker than the others. For some reason or another, they started to dig up the cement and they found nothing. Until a piece of cloth peeked between the shreds of the concrete. This sparked a curiosity and they kept digging in that area. What they found was the skeleton of a lady shrouded in what looked like a lacy dress.”

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