True Ghost Story: Something Dragged Him to the Kitchen

Location: Chennai, India

The following report was sent into our website by Suze on Oct 28, 2013:

“I was 6 at that time. I, my granny and friend went to have a look at a house for staying. After we roamed up and down we came out of the house and were talking. I saw a creepy white mist over the ceiling but it was day time and summer. It was a figure, woman figure. It was a ghost. When I said to everyone that it was a ghost, they didn’t believe it. My granny’s friend bought that house. In nite time when her son was sleeping something dragged him to the kitchen. A woman often at nite time climbed in the windows upside down. Many creeps appeared (shivers). Soon they found out that a woman had performed a suicide in that house and her ghost was haunting that house. From that day everyone believed me. It’s really true……..”

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