True Ghost Story: Toy Sounded Demonic And Creepy

Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kerri on Dec 7, 2012:

“When I was a lot younger – as most of my stories took place – one of my best friend’s brother committed suicide. My mother encouraged me to spend a lot of time with him after this happened because she didn’t want him to feel alone. One afternoon we were in my basement playing video games. He was telling me that he thought the ghost of his brother was haunting his house. I just thought he was making stories up because he missed him. Right after he finished telling me his stories one of my toys had turned on by itself. It was this crib/baby set that I had. There was a baby monitor that if you pressed the button you would hear a baby crying and then it would play a lullaby. The batteries were getting old so the song sounded really demonic and creepy. If you knew my best friend’s brother he was a joker and trying to scare his brother would be something he would get a kick out of. My friend insisted that was his brother trying to contact us but I told him it was just probably something wrong with the toy. I really didn’t actually know what could have caused that.”

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