Toronto Ghosts: Blue Figure Dripping Wet

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Shaylee on Nov 12, 2012:

“I was about 7 at the time. I went up to my aunt’s cottage for a week with my cousin, mother, and 2 aunts. When I walked in I felt strange, you know that feeling. Well, it was the first time I went into the cottage. My cousin and I were just playing around in the living room, and the windows were open. I just quickly looked at the window above the couch, and I saw what looked like a yellow figure run by. I told my cousin and she said that it was probably nothing. So I went back to playing the game.

A few hours later we all sat down for dinner. And when I finished I went back into the living room to watch TV. I looked back to the dining room, and saw it again in the window running past, but this time in blue. I was really creeped out because again no one saw it.

I fell asleep on the couch that night, and Chace, ( one of the 2 labs that were there) came down the stairs then stopped at the front door, and whimpered. So I looked to see what was there, and then Joker ( the other dog) came running to his side, and growled at the corner. I got up to make sure that the door was shut, and that they were ok. The door was locked, and everything was fine. But I got that strange feeling again. I layed back down on the couch, and joker went to the stairs and faced the corner, as if to guard the stairs and everyone that was up there. And Chace came over to me and layed down in front of the couch, I guess to protect me, again staring at the corner.

Probably an hour later, something told me to wake up. So I instantly looked at the corner by the door, and there was a blue figure there. It was all blue, and see through. You know like the black and white movies? How it’s different shades of black, and you could still tell what the people are wearing? Well, I could tell that he was wearing a red t-shirt, ripped jeans, and had shaggy blond hair. And the thing that haunts me to this day, is that we were right by a lake. He looked about in his 20’s, and was dripping wet. He had his hands in his pockets, and leaning against the wall. He was staring straight at me, straight in the eye. I put my arm down, to feel if Chace was still there, and the second I did he shot up, and stayed in front of me, growling at the guy. So I knew that he saw it too. It lasted a good 15 minutes, and I couldn’t move, or blink. I got a pillow, and threw it at the “ghost” and it just dropped to the ground in front of the ghost guy. Then he got up, and took a step closer to me then very slowly disappeared. I¬†stayed up for the rest of the night, just staring at the corner.

Last summer, I went back to the cottage, and I still felt the same feeling. I was just waiting for it to happen again. I was there all alone, everyone else was at the water. And I sat on the couch, same spot as I did years ago, and I felt him staring at me. But it felt like he was a good presence. I guess that the guy is nice, and still to this day, I think he died or drowned somewhere near the lake.”

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