True Ghost Story: What’s Behind The Truck?

Location: Swift Current, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Amy on Nov 12, 2012:

“A few years ago I was in my dad’s truck at his shop. He said he would be right back and said to me to stay in the truck so I did so. After a short while a sound of footsteps came from behind the truck. I froze. I started to turn my head slowly. Once my head turned to see the behind of the truck nothing was there. So I turned my head back, then it started again. This time I turned more quickly, still nothing was there. It did this a few more times before my dad finally came back.

Now I never want to stay in that shop alone. His shop used to be a grocery store way back in 1910. He believes that ghost are there in the building too, and once it sent him out of the shop running.”

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