True Ghost Story: Young Girl In The Basement

Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Rebecca on Feb 28, 2012:

“I remember a story my sister once told me. How she spent the night at my aunt’s house. My aunt had gone to bed and my sister Shannon was crashing on the couch. When the time came she turned off the TV and rolled over to go to sleep. Hearing a voice, she assumed she didn’t turn the TV off, she rolled over only to the see the blank black screen of the television. She sat up and looked around the room. To her surprise she saw a young girl standing in the corner by the bar. Shannon specifically recalls being in shock at what was in front of her, blinking three times and on the third blink the girl was gone. She doesn’t remember what this ghost girl said when she heard the voice, but doesn’t think it was English. The following morning Shannon told my aunt of her experience, my aunt was not surprised. She commented on how sometimes her cats will pass by the bar and randomly freak out! Their hair will stand up on top of their back, and they will hiss and scream while staring at the corner of the bar.

About three years or so after this occurrence I moved into my aunt’s basement. I remembered the story Shannon had told but didn’t think much of it while I lived there. The cats still roamed the house and I’d never had any strange occurrences to make me nervous or uncomfortable. I’d been living there for a year and half when one night I woke up and thought I saw someone standing at the end of my bed. Blinking my sleepy eyes I stared harder and only saw the light from the window, reflecting off my wall. Shaking it off I rolled over and went back to sleep. I slept sound the next night, however the following night I awoke again. This time I was much more certain that there really was in fact, someone standing at the edge of my bed. It was a young girl, maybe 10-13. I remember white, and I distinctly remember her motioning her hand to me as if saying, “come here” it was like she wanted me to follow her. I remember the feeling that went through me at that moment, I was scared. A rush of anxiety and panic ran through my body. Something that was not supposed to be there was. I was vulnerable, alone and confused. I didn’t like that she was trying to communicate with me and I didn’t know how to react. So I did the only thing I could think of and shouted “go!”.

From what I knew about ghosts and spirits if you were open to them you had the possibility of seeing. If you didn’t want to see one, if your mind was closed off to that world, then you wouldn’t. After I said “go” it was as if she was never there. Like my emotions were uncalled for and the whole occurrence never happened. Being in the middle of the night I went back to sleep, leaving my analytical thoughts to the mornings rise.

I couldn’t sleep downstairs for a week. I worked myself up so much, reliving it all that I became too scared to sleep in my own room. It wasn’t that I felt threatened by the ghost or that I was afraid that it would happen again. I suppose I was confused, and I wasn’t prepared. Years of hanging on to every word of talk and tales about the paranormal I never really considered the day I may experience my own. It all felt sort of surreal to me.

Now I am grateful to the experience, and I wish I had of reacted differently, followed her or attempted to communicate. I wish I felt calm during it all. But it’s not human instinct to feel calm in a situation we can’t explain. It’s not natural for us to react rationally when we’re caught off guard. I look forward to the day when I encounter another paranormal entity and can control my emotions and acknowledge my surroundings. I feel as though the little that we do know about this paranormal world, we know even less about how to respond to the idea.

I enjoy the tales, the research and the stories because I feel like I understand it all better that way.”

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