True Ghost Story: The Smoking Ghost

Location: Dhaka, Bhootar GolliBangladesh

The following report was sent into our website by Seemran on Feb 22, 2012:

“This story is about my father who is a doctor. He is a very busy man. One night he was coming from a city called Gazipur because he works in a hospital over there. My father smokes, so suddenly he felt like smoking. But that time there was no cigarettes with him so he could not smoke. It was 4 am in the morning, so no shops were open at that time. Suddenly my father could feel someone sitting behind him on the backseat of the car. He could smell someone smoking a cigarette in his car. At first he thought he might just imagining all this, so he did not care. But then he suddenly saw smoke filling the car. My father was scared. He opened the car’s window to let the smoke out. All throughout the way he could feel someone sitting behind him and smoking continuous. He was afraid, when he looked back he could see a faint white figure, a shadow of someone sitting in the car, while smoke filled the whole car. My father picked up speed, and without looking back once more, he drove back home as fast as he could. When he came home at dawn, he quickly got out of the car and ran upstairs to home .

The next morning, when our driver came upstairs, he asked why my father had left so many burnt cigarettes at the backseat. My father had no explanation to give. He could only wonder in amazement that there was the proof of what he had felt inside the car last night. And he became certain that it was not only his imagination, but it was actually true.”

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