True Ghost Story: Grandpa Is That You?

Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Robin on Feb 10, 2012:

“My grandfather passed away when I was 20. A few years later I was working in a hotel restaurant late in the evening when an older man came into the restaurant. I greeted him and he smiled at me warmly and held my gaze. It took several moments before I could shake this peculiar feeling I had towards him. As I seated him, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out why he was so familiar. When he was seated, he again smiled – again I felt like I knew him, but more so that he knew me. He had a twinkle in his eye, like my grandfather had had, and, as I turned to get him a menu, my heart started to race. I was overwhelmed with the feeling that this man KNEW what I was thinking and not only did he remind me of my grandfather but that he actually WAS my grandfather, or knew him, or at least knew ME very well.

It was difficult for me not to cry, as I felt so relieved to see him again. Throughout the time he stayed in the restaurant. And every time I approached the table, I again had this strong feeling, and he continued to smile warmly at me as though he knew me. He told me he was staying at the hotel. So after he left, I asked at the front desk who he was and if anyone had seen him before. No one knew what I was talking about or had seen him at the restaurant. To be fair, it was late at night and it was quiet at the hotel so he could easily just have not been seen by anyone at the front desk. But I’d never experienced such a strong feeling about something like this before, and I still, 10 years later, feel as though this man was somehow my grandfather.”

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