4 Basic Ghost Hunting Tips Every Ghost Hunter Should Know

4 Basic Ghost Hunting Tips Every Ghost Hunter Should Know
By: Michelle McKay (founder of ColdSpot.org)
October 12, 2011

Back when I started out as a solo paranormal investigator, over 20 years ago, I had to develop every roll of film that I used on an investigation. Back then, we also worked with analog, which I really miss by the way. Now, we’re in the days of digital. But basic investigation methods haven’t really changed, even though the technology has. Here are four basic ghost hunting tips when investigating a location for ghosts:

    • interview the witnesses, or at least know the reported activity before conducting the investigation, as this will form the basis of your investigation.
    • plan the investigation before heading out to the site. This might seem obvious, but doing it “willy-nilly” or “winging it” without a plan will be something you will likely regret later. Why miss any opportunities to collect evidence? Plan ahead.
    • position your audio and video equipment properly. You want your A/V equipment positioned in the most ideal situation to capture any possible activity. And don’t forget to also position video equipment in such a way as to catch any possible hoaxing or unintentional tampering by anybody in the area.
    • before using any piece of equipment at the site investigation ask yourself: What was this designed to do? What exactly will this tell me? Am I using this as per the manual? For example, are you using the EMF detector the way it says to do so in the manual?

Lastly, a thorough analyzation of the evidence should be conducted before advising the client of your findings. Analyzing video footage and audio should consist of more than just simply “watching” the video or “listening” to audio. Furthermore, it is important to analyze each piece of evidence independently before forming a conclusion.

Michelle McKay is a Canadian paranormal investigator of 20+ years. Former TV host: Destination America, Discovery, A&E. Founder of ColdSpot.org. Her great-uncle was pioneer UFO investigator Henry McKay. This may all sound glamorous but in reality she spends her life holding a flashlight and talks to a lot of people. Foremost, she is willing to work for tacos and chocolate.

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