True Ghost Story: The Day Came Back

Location: Lloydminster, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Trevor on Sept 28, 2011:

 “My brother died in Sept./09 of a drowning accident. At a different funeral (Catholic) for my friend 1 year earlier, the priest talked about purgatory, a place that a soul goes to for an allotted time allowing for prayers to be said to allow the soul into Heaven. The priest explained it as if the person is in a room with a door that has no knob and can’t be opened from their end, but that person can hear all of us as if we are in the next room.

Anyway, back to my brother. It was about 2 weeks after he passed that this happened. I had the T.V. on, and my laptop sitting next to the T.V. opened and turned on, but on the desktop page. I did not have the internet open at this time. Then for no reason at all my laptop screen started to flicker, not on and off but more like the screen was going fat then skinny. Then the internet popped up. My homepage is Facebook, but the internet didn’t go to Facebook but to Google, and immediately words appeared in the search bar. It wasn’t as if someone typed them out letter for letter, but rather had copied the words from somewhere and pasted them into the Google search bar because the whole phrase appeared instantly.

“The day came back” is what it said. I took that as my brother telling me that he has made it through where ever he had been to that point and made it to Heaven.”

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