True Ghost Story: Eye Of The Needle

Location: Meadow Lake, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Trevor on Sept 27, 2011:

 “My friend and I were at his farm about 10-15 min south of town on a winter night in 2001. He was laying on the couch and I was laying on a mattress we put on the floor. It was just him and I there. His house has a driveway that comes in, wraps around his house and connects to itself again; basically it looks like his house is in the eye of a needle.

Anyway, we were laying talking and we heard a vehicle come in. We didn’t hear an engine, but knew it was a vehicle because it sounded like a horse trailer being pulled. It sounded like the truck was driving 100 km/hr because the noises that the “trailer” made were very aggressive and loud. We went outside to see if someone needed something, because his dad runs a business out of their quanset. When we got outside there was no one there. We grabbed flashlights and walked the distance of the driveway…. no tracks. It had snowed earlier that evening so my tracks were pretty covered and there was no fresh tracks to be found. Where we were in the house had no windows pointing toward the driveway, so we didn’t see anyone come in. That said, with the windows pointing to the other side of the “eye of the needle” driveway, we didn’t see anyone coming out either.

Absolutely no explanation for this event. We both heard it, and we both investigated outside. Creepy.”

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