Chester Ghosts: Old Hag Syndrome Strikes Again

Location: Chester, Nova ScotiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Rose on Jan 29, 2011:

 “I rented a home across from a graveyard. One night I was talking on my cell phone laying on the bed. I hung up and in a second the blankets started to move, and then I felt a freezing feeling coming on as did before when I was 18, I am now 55. So I knew what was coming and I thought to myself that I would hit the button on the phone for a dial tone but I froze too fast. And then came a figure so ugly, grey hair and pointed teeth like broken off and shrunken face. It was horrible looking, and it could read minds. It said to me “don’t think that cell phone is going to help you” and laughed at me. It said “you’re cursed” and I layed on the bed frozen. I remember I still had the phone in my hand but was frozen. I said the Lord’s Prayer in my mind and it left and I was unfrozen. And then the dial tone came as my finger was released. I was not asleep I was awake, and I know this really happened by that phone.”

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