True Ghost Story: Black Shadows

Location: Kemptville, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Laura on Feb 1, 2011:

“I live down a road that used to have a train station, and because my dad is obsessed with trains we got the house closest to the train tracks that are still in use. And of course our house is built on top of where the train grave yard used to be, which means hobos used to sleep and live there. Of course I haven’t “seen” any ghosts, but I know that they are here, especially in my room.

Since I was about 13 years old, when I’m just about ready to fall asleep I have gotten this sweet aroma of roses. It would stick with me for about 2 minutes and then just vanish, a few times I have smelt almost a dirty campfire smell. I always imagined the rose smell was my guardian angel or something. This happens occassionaly.

When I was 10 I would play with my brand new baby sister. You know how people say babies can see ghosts, well my sister saw more. She would look around the house and start crying, she would also laugh at an empty room.

When I was 15 years old I was downstairs with my 3 year old sister watching T.V. when I heard footsteps upstairs. I knew no one was home because everyone was at work or a friend’s house so I quickly rushed my sister to my room (which is also in the basement) and I hid her in the closet. I remember my mum always saying that if we think someone is in the house call the neighbours and call the parents. So I called my dad, I got my baseball bat in hand and started to open my door when I heard the foot steps above my room. When my dad got home he told me that no one was there and the door was locked. After that I kept hearing that noise, and I would see black shapes in the corner of my eye.

A few months later my 13 year old sister was at home when no one else was and she heard foot steps. She called my neighbours and they rushed over. My sister heard the footsteps in the kitchen upstairs slowly make their way down the stairs. At this point she burst out crying and thats when our neighbour bursts into the house but found no one.

Up until now I only get the rose smell when I’m falling asleep. I still see the black shadows move in the corner of my eye, but I also get as if someone is blowing on my neck, or the feeling that someone IS watching me, they’re just staring at me.”

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