True Ghost Story: Ghost Warns of Grandpa’s Death

Location: Prince Albert, SaskatchewanCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Rayelle on Nov 26, 2010:

“I am currently 18 and have what I would somewhat call a gift. I see spirits and all sorts of supernatural things no matter where I go. My most touching encounter happened when I was 12 years old. I awoke from a deep sleep and had to go to the washroom. My father’s bedroom was directly beside mine and it was just us two for the night. I opened the bathroom door when I was finished and I saw a very tall figure in front of me. I was forced directly on back, not pushed by hands but as if I were blown on my back. The figure walked into the kitchen and walked right through the outside wall where the stove was. I went and opened my father’s door and he was sleeping.

A good week passed by and I was downstairs. Directly infront of me was the entrance to the laundry room. A tall man with bleach blonde hair wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt walked out of the laundry room entrance and was looking at me, I observed. I didn’t recognize the man. I said to him “sir, is there something wrong?” He walked towards me and disappeared. Two weeks later my best friend and I went into my room and sat on the bed. I looked up and in the living room there he was again. Same man same outfit, just watching me. I stared back at him and my friend suddenly became very frantic. He had made himself visable to her as well. She ran to the door and slammed it. I opened it again and told her to go outside I’ld be right behind her. She left and I asked it what it wanted. It looked at me for a long time, came closer and reached out its hand and pointed at the wall.

My grandmother wanted to help me determine who it was. We went through several family photographs but the man could not be identified. Two days later, my grandfather unexpectedly died from a heart attack, but something wasn’t right. I went back to my house to recall my thoughts about what had happened last time I had seen this man. When I entered my house I got this over whelming wave of emotion. I ran to the living room and to my surprise the man I had been seen pointed at a picture on the wall of me, my grandmother, and recently deceased grandfather. I couldn’t believe what was happening at the time but the man was trying to tell me or warn me. Since then I have never seen this man, I don’t know who he was to this day.”

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