True Ghost Story: Barn Haunted By Old Lady

Location: Trail, British ColumbiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Aliyah on Nov 26, 2010:

 “My grandpa used to love telling me ghost stories, and one that stuck was this.

When he was a young boy his family had a cabin far out in the woods, where nobody hardly ever went except maybe to hunt. The only thing that was out there was a huge old black barn, in which my grandfather and his brothers were never permitted. They were bored one day and asked their father to please let them go there and if not, why couldn’t they? Their father refused to tell them and walked away. Ignoring their father they ventured out into the woods toward the big Black Barn. The door was hard to open but they pulled and pulled. And there sitting in an otherwise empty ramshackle barn was a very old lady, dressed in an extremely old fashioned head to toe black ensemble. A huge weaving wheel stood before her. She stared at them, growled, and disappeared. Terrified, the boys ran home. They broke down and told their father about this. To this he replied “I told you to never go near that barn. Aren’t you lucky she let you go?”

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