True Ghost Story: Lights Out

Location: Fonthill, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Trevor on Nov 18, 2010:

“I was viewing a home that was on the market. After talking in the kitchen for several minutes with the real estate agent we finished up and were ready to leave (8PM). We went around and turned all the lights off in the house and locked up. While the agent was putting the lock box back in place I was standing on the front lawn and ask if all the lights were supposed to be out. She said “yes, why?”. I said “Well the upstairs hallway/ bathroom light was left on.”  She looked at me with a blank stare, so I was pretty confused. She said “I swear I turned all the lights off when we came down the stairs”. So I didn’t think much of it but she was freeked out so I went back into the house with her to turn it out. We opened the door at the bottom of the stair case and looked up and there were no lights on what so ever, pitch black. At this point I was creeped out and she said she had chills so we left the house as quick as possible. When we got outside the light was still off.

The house is approx. 80-90 years old. The past owners have moved to a seniors residence about a year ago, so the home has been vacant for about a year. Originally the home was lived in by the local blacksmith and the original garage/workshop is still on the property. Up until I actually witnessed this I have always been unsure of this kind of activity. But seeing it first hand leaves me speechless. All I can think of is that the spirt/spirits have been lonley for the past year with the home being vacant and wanted us to go back into the home.”

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