Baker Creek in British Columbia – Haunted British Columbia Database

Location: Baker CreekBritish ColumbiaCanada
Type: community
Built: ?

The following report was sent into our website by Tamara on Nov 13, 2010:

“There is a creek that runs behind both of our houses and through the community. More then 3 times now, myself and other members of the household have heard young girls screaming. It sounds like something very bad is happening to them. We of course run outside to see what is happening. We live in a very remote area with very few neighbours or other people around. We proceed outside and there are no little girls screaming bloody murder. This has happened many times now. Sometimes at night if you go outside and listen to the creek you can hear the little girls yelling behind our house. You can especially hear them if you are in my friend’s bedroom at night because her bedroom window faces the creek behind the house.

There is a rumor that we have heard about a murder that happened in the creek. There was a man that used to live in one of the houses that is up the creek from us and rumor has it that he had 3 young daughters and a wife that he drowned in the creek. We think that it might be the screams of the girls that were murdered in the creek that we can hear.

I moved into this new house in the Baker Creek community in 2008 and was in the basement with my sister in-law. We had her son in a baby chair sitting on top of the washer. We both we’re cleaning the basement and took our eyes off of him for a few seconds. When we looked back he was gone. We both automatically started to panic. We looked all over the basement for him. There was no way he could have left the basement by himself (he was only a few months old). We searched and searched, panicking and could not find him. We went outside to see if somehow we had left him in the yard when we were out there earlier, but we had not been outside for a few hours. Once we got outside we looked in the backyard. There he was sitting in his babychair on top of a wooden chair in the yard. All of the basement doors were closed and there was no way that he could have gotten down off of the washer and out the door then into the backyard without any help.

Another time, my fiancée and I had just finished watching a movie in our bedroom in the basement. We were laying in bed still awake and all of a sudden there was a loud thud and the shower in the bathroom turned on full blast.

Another experience that happened in our basement bedroom, happened more then once. We have 3 dogs (that do not know how to open doors). Our door to the outside is a heavy wooden door that sometimes takes a good push for me to get open. We have come home to all our dogs running free in the yard and ALL doors/windows closed. There’s no way that they could have gotten outside without help.

My friend claims that one time while she was walking down our hallway to go to the bathroom she actually saw a very tall man standing in the hall in front of her. The description she gave of him does not match anyone that lives in the house right now. She claims that she had to take a second look, because she was so startled by the presence of somebody being in the house, nobody else was in the house at the time. She swears 100% there was a tall older man in the hall with her. Once she told us that story my sister in-law and I told her about my nephew always looking way up above us pointing and babbling to something that we never saw. We put 2 and 2 together and assume that my nephew, who is now 2 years old, can see this tall ghost man that is in our house.

My nephew (mentioned above) sits on the trampoline in the yard and points to my friend’s house in the yard, her house is on the same property that we live on. He points to the kitchen window, which is on the top level of the house. He points and yells at the window and often seems very scared. When he does point to the window, it is always when there is nobody home at that houses. There is no way that he could be looking at my friend or any member of her family.

I experienced a very similar thing last week while walking towards my friend’s house. At the time she was the only person home. I walked down the driveway and looked up at the kitchen window. The same window that my nephew points and yells at. While I was looking up at the window I saw a person standing in the window. I assumed it was my friend in the window. As I got closer to her house she walked out of the basement door. I looked at her and then right back up at the window. The figure was still standing there. I asked my friend if she was just upstairs and she said that she had been in the basement for the last 20mins or so. I then asked her if her children we upstairs and she told me that they were not home. Once I realized what I just saw, I quickly tried to get my friend to look up at the window, but when we looked up again the figure was gone.”

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