True Ghost Story: Boyfriend Comes Back

Location: Langton, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Tammy on Nov 8, 2010:

“I was living in Langton with my son whom was 3 years old. My boyfriend of 10 years was killed in a car accident. Before he was killed we had had an arguement and he wrote me a letter but he decided not to give it to me and ripped it up. Then he changed his mind and taped it back together and gave it to me. After he was killed I let 3 of my friends look at the letter at different times. I put it on my table in my bedroom and about 3 weeks later I picked it up to read it and on the back was his name written across the paper and it was as if it was written before the page was ripped (all the lines matched up). I knew it was not there before but to be sure one at a time I called my 3 friends to look at it and they were as shocked as I was. These friends did not hang around with each other. After that when I would be in my car I would see someone sitting in the back seat when no one was there. And wild things would happen in my house like things moving, lights flashing, etc. Almost everyone that came in my house seen or experienced something.

One night that was really strange was about a year after the accident my son decided to crawl into my bed. After a while he said “mom someone is standing by the bed.” I turned on the light and my son said “he is gone” as soon as I turned the light back off he said “he is back”. A few days later we were looking at pictures and my son pointed at the picture of my boyfriend who was killed and said “mommy that’s the man in your room”. I have moved many times in the past 20 years and he is still with me. When I am going through a tough time he makes something happen to show us he is here for us. If not almost every person in my life had not experienced something I may think I am not right in the head but with all the others seeing it makes me know that my Jason is watching over me or somebody, I hope it is him.”

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