True Ghost Story: He Was Standing In Front Of Me

Location: London, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Jassy on August 16, 2010:

“Last night I was asleep on a lazy boy chair in front of the computer in my house. I felt someone staring at me, I opened up my eyes slowly and saw a man standing in front of me and staring at me. I thought it was my husband, but this man was wearing a dress pant and a brown-reddish checkered shirt. My husband hates checkered shirts. I opened my eyes fully to ask the man, whom I thought was my husband, why he was all dressed up and where he was going that late at night. And as I opened my eyes I saw this wasn’t my husband at all. He was standing in front of me and I saw him clearly. I screamed and my husband, who was down stairs watching TV, ran up. I was shivering and told him what happened. Of course he doesn’t believe me and told me I must have been dreaming or hallucinating. I am not an idiot…I know what I saw!!!”

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