True Ghost Story: Phantom Black Cat

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Sonia on July 6, 2010:

“One night my mom and I were watching tv, sure enough we see the outdoor light go on. At the time we owned a cat named Black Jack. So my mom tells me to let him in and I get up quickly, let him in, and proceed to continue watching tv. Not even 10 minutes later the outdoor light goes on and it’s my cat. My mom and I look at each other and are dumbfounded. So thinking that we just let some random cat in we go on a hunt for it before letting our actual cat in. This cat is nowhere to be found. It’s like it vanished into thin air. So I go back and let my cat in as he should have no problem finding this intruder in the house. Unfortunately this obviously wasn’t a cat in the physical sense as my cat just went to bed. Normally he would have picked up the scent of another animal in the house. We never found the cat and to this day are still puzzled by the appearance of the phantom black cat and the meaning behind that visit. What really gave me the creeps was the fact that a person my dad knows had the same experience in regards to letting in a phantom black cat. It was just an overall weird night!”

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