True Ghost Story: Someone Was Blowing On Her Eyelids

Location: Kawartha Lakes, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Erin on Aug 30, 2010:

“While in College, I boarded at a family home that had myself, another college student, a single father, a 17 year old boy, and a 15 year old girl.

We would often be sitting in the den watching TV as a group and hear footsteps going up (or down) the stairs of the 3 storey house. That alone was creepy enough, but we got used to it, as it happened every few days. One night, around 2am, the young girl started screaming, like really, really screaming. I’ve never run so fast in my life, down the flight of stairs, into her room, where her father and brother were already standing. The girl was crying, couldn’t breathe and was visibly shaken. We all tried to calm her down, so we could determine what had happened for her to scream like that. After a few minutes, she calmed down enough to tell us what happened.

She told us that she woke up because it felt like someone was blowing on her eyelids. She said that when she opened her eyes, there was a face 4 inches from hers. A thickly bearded man wearing a red and black plaid shirt. Now, because of the layout of the house, there is absolutely no way that someone could have gotten out of her room and down the stairs without running into her father and brother who have rooms on the same floor, just down the hall. We’ve tried to re-enact it a few times to see if it was possible, but it wasn’t. After checking the doors, we found all were still locked.

During renovations some years later, we found lots of old stuff, like debit\credit books, a student diary (this place had been a boarding house for a local high school for nearly a century) and 3 photo albums. One of those albums, dated 1917 contained a photo of a very thickly bearded man, wearing a plaid shirt.”

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