True Ghost Story: Grandma Likes Letterman

Location: Tottenham, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Colin on January 29, 2010:

“This didn’t happen to me but it happened to my cousin and her husband. A few years ago her grandmother passed away after battling an illness, I believe it was cancer. Once the task of getting rid of her personal belongings came about there was a TV that had been her’s and my cousin came into possession of it. So she took it home and hooked her cable into it and that was that.

Later that night at 11:35 pm the TV came on by itself and at full volume tuned into David Letterman. Now this was an older TV that didn’t have a sleep or timer option like TV today. So after being startled half to death she got up and turned the TV off. The rest of the night went by without incident.

The next night after they had turned in for the night at exactly 11:35 pm the TV turned on at full volume, once again tuned into David Letterman.

The next day my cousin was talking to her mother and mentioned the events to her. My aunt laughed and gasped at the same time. She said, “Letterman was your grandmother’s favourite show.”

Later that night before turning in, my cousin unplugged the TV and went to bed. But wouldn’t you know it at exactly 11:35 pm the TV came on full volume and tuned to Letterman. My cousin got rid of the TV the next day.”

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