Pangnirtung Ghosts: The Doll Started To Frown

Location: Pangnirtung (Inuit community), NunavutCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Ciera on January 28, 2010:

“Me and my sister have never really believed in paranormal activity, until it happened to us. We both got a doll from our grandmother’s friend who was dieing from cancer. We always played with them, took them to school. Nothing happened until two years later. One morning my sister was watching tv up in the guest room. She looked up at my doll, it was facing the wall like it always did, the doll had a smile on its face. She put her hands up to rub her eyes, when she put her hands down the doll started to frown. My sister ran down stairs screaming and told me what she just saw. Our mom put the doll up in the attic. Sometimes my sister would wake up in the night and hear sounds. We still have the doll in our cabin and no longer hear sounds in the night.”

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