True Ghost Story: The Cats Came Back

Location: Minesing, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Kelly on August 11, 2009:

“A couple of years ago I had two cats, one was actually my sister’s. I was very close to my cat she was like a guardian angel because she was always looking for me and during my teen years I suffered deep depression. She was also the kind of cat who would follow you on two mile walks even if it was cold or rainy. Her name was Lou Kira, her brother was Asmodelle and was very lazy and wasn’t like his sister in any way but was a big suck and would sit on your belly at night and kneed you and purr loudly. During their 7th year was a sad one for me, every night Kira would come in and that night she never did. After 2 days I began to worry and look for her and even went to places that she’d probably not go but to no avail never found her. I couldn’t think of what could have happened because she always stayed close to home, coyotes possibly maybe a large owl for she was very small. Several weeks after her disappearance I was suffering greatly from her loss. I began hearing her cries, for she cried like a kitten. I’d hear her soft padded steps and feel her jumping onto the bed at night and even her moving around, and lay by my legs. I do believe she came back to comfort me until I got over her, it took a very long time but I think it was after 3 months I stopped feeling her presence, she knew I was okay and she could go.

Her brother Asmodelle left a year after, and he too did the same coming back to visit me until he knew I was okay without him. He was heavier and bigger then his sister and whenever he walked you’d hear the creaking on the floor that was what I heard, and he would jump up onto the bed make his way up to my face and literally lay on my chest. I knew this was him because I could barely breathe and I’d feel him kneed me and purr loudly.

I do believe in ghosts and pets coming back, and I believe that if we are suffering greatly and they know we still need them that they will return to us until they feel we are okay without them. Of all the many pets I have had my cats were the only ones who came back, then again I was incredibly close to the both of them more so Lou Kira then her brother. Even now I miss her but know I am strong enough not to need her, for all I know she and her brother could be walking in the house and keeping an eye on me and my parents without us knowing or hearing them.”

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