True Ghost Story: She Turned Her Head and Looked at Me

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Location: Greenway, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Katherine on July 25, 2009:

“From the ages of eleven to fourteen I lived in a very old house. I’m not sure of the exact year the house was built, it would have been around the 1880’s. I always had a feeling of uneasiness in that house, and the rest of my family says they always felt the same way. There was always a feeling of sadness, and like you were being watched. One night when I was about twelve I was going up the stairs to my bedroom, the stairs had two flights with a little landing before the second set of steps that you had to turn to go up the rest of the way. Anyway when I turned and took the first step up the second set of steps I looked up and saw a girl who looked to be about my age at the time. She was walking out of my room and into my brother’s room which was across the hall. As she was walking she turned her head and looked at me but carried on. My brother claims to have seen the same apparition as I did, only she was walking out of his room and into mine.

On another morning my sister, who’s bedroom was at the top of the stairs, came running downstairs screaming because she could hear a drumming sound coming from the attic (the attic stairs were in her bedroom closet). When I went up to look I saw nothing and heard nothing.

A few years after moving from that house to London I met a friend who’s aunt and uncle lived in that same house a few years before I did. They have the same story about the little girl upstairs and the feeling of uneasiness in that house. When my family first moved into the house we were told about twin boys that lived there and one of them dieing in the house in the early 1900’s but nothing about a girl. In December of 2008 the house burned to the ground, how I don’t know but all that remains on the land is a drive shed.”

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