True Ghost Story: Haunted Empty House

Location: Londonderry, Nova ScotiaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Wade on July 5, 2009:

“When I was about 10 years old my dad told me about the house next door supposedly being haunted by the elderly man who died there. When alive, the elderly man could not get around too well, so when he needed something from downstairs he would tap his cane on the floor and his wife would go see what he wanted. As time went by the husband died and the wife passed a few years later. With the house being empty, my dad was asked to keep an eye on the place. One afternoon my dad went over to check everything out, came home and told us that he heard three sharp taps from the upstairs bedroom. He wasn’t scared (that’s my dad) but he left immediately. When dusk came that night he looked out the window and noticed he left the lights on so he asked me…yeah me, a little kid…lol, to go turn the lights off. I did as I was asked and came home. I looked out the window and the lights were on again. We just left them on for the night. Kind of creepy, I guess.”

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