True Ghost Story: Disappeared Through The Picture Window

Location: Kemptville, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Harold on Aug 5, 2007:

“I only saw this happen once. It was in a brand new house that we had lived in for only a few years. I was 6 or 7 at the time but believe me, I can recount this like it happened yesterday. I am in my early 40s now.

I do not remember what woke me up but I did awake to see a shape of a woman darker than the ambient darkness in the hallway arrive at the end of the hall, right in front of my doorway. She spun around slowly as if to be dancing. Her arms would raise and lower seemingly dancing to a tune only heard by her. This seemed to happen for about a minute. Needless to say, I was so frightened I could only lie there and watch. Out of the corner of my eye further down the hallway past the “dancing shadow”; there, near the front foyer of the home in front of the living room was now a grey mist shape brighter than the ambient darkness down the hall. It raised an arm and beckoned the darker dancing shadow to follow. I watched as the darker shadow floated towards the gray mist, the two joined arm in arm and then disappeared through the picture window.

I could not go back to sleep but thought my parents would think I was nuts if I told them so I stayed up all that night (I only recounted this story to them several years ago). I did insist the next evening that I had to have a light on all night or I could not go to sleep. Who could it have been? It was perhaps my grandmother and another predeceased relative (neither whom I had ever met in life) who were simply checking in on grandchildren they never got to see. You see my grandmother died tragically in a house fire along with her only son and youngest daughter (same age spread as my sister and I) back in the mid 50’s. My mother barely escaped that same fire and managed to save her middle sister before fire consumed the whole house.”

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