Scarborough Ghosts: The Little Boy Scare

Location: Scarborough, OntarioCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Steven on Apr 29, 2007:

 “One cold night in December I awoke feeling really sick, so I decided to ask my parents where the Gravol was. I got up out of bed and walked into my parents room. By the window there was a small boy. He was staring out the window as if he wished that he could go outside but was unable to do so. Now as I stared at him, totally transfixed in horror, he slowly turned to me and smiled.

At this point I totally freaked and booked it all the way to my grandfather’s house, which is right next door because we live in a townhouse. Now looking back it may have been a good idea to wake up my parents who were sleeping not five feet from where the boy knelt, but I’m sure he meant no harm.

The boy has made himself known several times since by playing with my cat, turning off my computer and T.V. and throwing the occasional tantrum (slamming doors and cupboards, stomping up and down stairs and sometimes even groaning). The boy is probably even watching me right now…”

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