True Ghost Story: Books At Store Falling Off The Shelves

Location: Fort McMurray, AlbertaCanada

The following report was sent into our website by Melissa on March 18, 2007:

“There is a store in the local mall that I have been told is haunted. I worked there for about a year, but nothing ever happened that I noticed. My friends (who also worked at this store) often tell me this is because I am incredibly oblivious at the best of times, or that I would often write off things like objects moved or missing to me having a terrible memory (which sadly, I do.)

My friends often had dealings with this ghost, often if no one else was present in the store. There would be merchandise that went missing and reappear in odd places, and books that would fall off the shelves while the aisles were empty. This wouldn’t be odd, but the books that fell weren’t in precarious positions. We would find books on the floor, put them back, walk away only to find the book on the floor again when we returned.

My friends often got frustrated when they couldn’t find the item they were looking for and say ” where is this damn book” or some such comment. They would then turn around and find the exact book they were looking for half pulled out of the shelf.

These occurrences were commonplace for most of us (although, again, I never noticed anything. Captain Oblivious, they call me). They even affectionately called the ghost Ted, or Fred, and would often thank him if he was being helpful, or snap at him when he was being obnoxious. We were pretty comfortable with him there, and he never seemed to bother us aside from the harmless pranks.

I stopped working at the store when I moved away for school, and none of my friends work at the store anymore, but I sometimes wonder if he’s still there. I’ve never had the nerve to ask the new people if they’ve noticed anything.”

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