True Ghost Story: Great Uncle Haunts the Cottage

Location: Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Kevin on Dec 26, 2006:

“In January of 1978 I asked my future wife to come to the family cottage for the weekend. The cottage was closed up for the winter so we stayed in the front half of it for warmth. At about 3 am the power went off with a loud crack and I got up to reset the breaker. When I came back to bed my future wife asked who was sitting in the chair by the window. I looked and saw nothing but the empty chair, she was however quite convinced of someone in the chair until I went over and sat in it.

Next morning she describe this person to me in great detail, and when we returned home I showed her a family picture of my family at Christmas with over 20 relatives in the picture, she picked out my great uncle and said that was the man who was in the chair. He had owned the cottage prior to his death 5 years before.”

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