True Ghost Story: Haunted Basement

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Jan 27, 2006:

“When I was young (about 7-10), my family and a bunch of our family friends would have a party a couple times a year at this one house. The people who held the parties had a son who was about 16 at the time, and who was friends with my brother who was a year younger than him. Another family who always came had two sons, one the same age as my brothers and one about my age. Well anyways, every time there was one of these parties all of us kids would just go and hang out in the basement. In the basement there was a shower where supposedly a previous owner died in from a heart attack. Everytime we were over there something would break, maybe a glass or, a picture frame or vase etc.. Sure it could have been just a coincidence but hey it was every single time, and this was going on a couple times a year for a long time. Also the TV that we would watch would just turn off at random times, while the controller laid untouched on a table away from everyone. When we tried to turn it back on (either with the remote or by pushing the button) it would stay off, and we would wait like a minute or two and then it would turn back on. Than after this if it didn’t just go back to normal, the tv would just randomly change channels, and when we tried to change it back with the remote the remote wouldn’t work. This whole routine with the TV would happen often, although maybe not every time.

Well that didn’t really freak us out too bad, we just sort of shrugged it off after things happened. But the one thing that freaked us out (especially me) the most was one night while we were watching a movie in the dark, all of a sudden there was a loud shattering of glass noise. We turned on the lights to find a glass on the floor shattered. The creepy thing is that, the glass was sitting in the middle of a table far from legs reach of any of us in the basement so none of us could have knocked it off. Also the table was fairly low to the ground, and the basement was carpeted, so i can’t see how the glass could have shattered by falling off the table (despite the fact that it was in the middle and the table was far from any of us reaching it). Well after that happened i didn’t go there too much as I was quite young and easily scared, and eventually i just stopped going too these parties as I got older.”

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