True Ghost Story: He Doesn’t Like Dogs

Location: St.Pauls, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Heather on Feb 10, 2006:

“This is actually a story of two different occurances. When I was about 2 years old we moved in a house in St.Pauls, close to Stratford. I was sitting in a room and my mom came in and asked what I was looking at (I was looking at a chair in the corner of the room) I told her “the man in the corner” and she looked and me and said “what man?” and I just said the same thing again! It scared my mom cause she didn’t see anything there.

My next story is about my mom. One night when she was laying in bed she heard slamming of doors downstairs and then someone running up the stairs, but when they got to where the room was the noise stopped and she didn’t see anyone. It really scared her because right then she thought it was a ghost considering our house was over 100 years old when we bought it!

We were talking to my cousin about it and she was saying she talks to ghosts and one day when she was over for a family gathering and it was all over she let the ghost that lived in our house come along for the ride and she talked with him the whole way home. He had told her that he was mad when we moved in because we had a dog and he didn’t like dogs. Later on I was told he moved into the garage to get away from the dog.

Since then we have had different things happen cold spot and creaking and my cat and dog always bark or meow or hiss at things that aren’t there. We would really like to find more history on our house and see if anything interesting happened there.”

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