True Ghost Story: Shadow Figure Follows Family

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Louise on May 27, 2005:

“This happened just a couple of years ago. I started noticing shadows from the corner of my eye. I’d been living in my apartment for two years when this started. THis very large, man shaped shadow would hang out in front of my bedroom door while I was sitting on the couch, watching tv. Then I started noticing the shiny dimes on the floor. In the space of a few months I found at least a dozen.

One night, as I was preparing for bed, I walked towards the bathroom, in the dark, intending to have my last bathroom break for the night without bothering to turn on the light, as was my habit. As I passed the bedroom door, I felt a hand first cup and then lightly pinch my rear end. I was totally freaked out, of course, shrieked and ran to my son’s bedroom to tell him what had happened. He was quietly lying in bed watching his own tv so it couldn’t have been him. He got up and walked with me towards the bathroom and flipped on the lights. My hairdryer, which I kept plugged in all the time, had slipped off the top of the toilet tank and into the bowl. It wasn’t quite in the water and the thought of what could have happened had I sat down in the dark made me wonder, did my mysterious visitor try to warn me of the danger?

After that, I would often see his shadow and once or twice he tried to get closer to me but it scared me and I told him “look, you are freaking me out so keep your distance. And he did!

One night, my son was watching a movie in his room and then decided to join me in the living room. He turned off the tv, left the room and then suddenly we heard the tv come back on. My son went back and turned it off, no sooner was he in the living room that it went on again. This went on a few times until my son addressed our visitor. “hey, I’ve seen this movie before, the bad guy gets shot by the good cop ok? so stop turning the tv on. The tv stayed off.

My son and I often tried to puzzle out who our visitor was. He just didn’t feel familiar but neither did he feel threatening. I moved and thought we’d left him behind until the door chimes of my new house started going off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. The really weird thing was that the bell chimed a different tune than the normal four notes it ususally chimed. We started joking how our visitor had finally found us and was asking to be let in. One night, when the chimes went off at 3 am, I simply said, “I’m sorry but I don’t want to let you in here.” They never chimed again. I’ve never seen him again and often wonder who he was.”

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