True Ghost Story: Abusive Husband Returns From His Grave

Location: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on April 30, 2005:

 “I am relating a true story that happened in 1981 in an old converted church on Victoria Street. The owner had changed it into six apartments, three floors, two apartments per floor. This story is true, it happened to me.

After leaving a very abusive husband I took my two year old daughter and moved to the 3rd floor apartment in this old building. There was regular visits from my husband and the police. At the rear of my apartment was a door which led out to a fire escape. The woman in the adjoining apartment also had one. This wonderful woman saved me a few times. She would leave her door unlocked so at any sign of trouble, I could grab my daughter and get to safety in her apartment. When my husband finally realized he would never get me back he committed suicide.

After a few months I moved away, wanting to start a new life in a new city, which I did with no regrets.

About four months after I moved away, I received a call from my “Angel” neighbour. She was frantic.

Another single woman and her three year old daughter had moved into my old apartment. Her daughter would wake her mom up and say that there was a man in her room. Her mother would put her back in bed telling her she was just dreaming. Apparently this continued. First the woman thought it might be the large stuffed animal she had hanging in the corner and removed it. She also got a nightlight for the little girl’s room.

The child continued to wake her mother saying the man said she was not his little girl and should not be sleeping in her room. One night the mother went out and left her daughter with a babysitter. The sitter was watching TV and got up to go to the kitchen. There sleeping on the hallway floor was the little girl. She put her on the couch to sleep until her mom got home. Not knowing what else to do the mother changed bedrooms with her daughter thinking that would be that!

That same night she woke up hearing whispering in her ear and someone shaking her bed. Thinking it was her daughter she sternly told her to go back to her bed. She said all of a sudden she got very cold and her hair stood up at the back of her neck. She was punched in the stomach from un unseen fist. She got up and grabbed her daughter, left the apartment and stayed with her boyfriend for the night.

The next day, she went to her next door neighbour and asked if there had been any violence in her apartment. My friend told her about me and the circumstances surrounding my life. She then called me long distance to relate this story that was told to her by the woman living in my old apartment.

I was terrified! I contacted a psychic I had known for years through my father. He told me that it was my husband looking for me and especially his child. The only way to rid this spirit was to go back with my daughter and stay in the apartment. This is exactly what I did.

I waited until around ten pm, staying next door at my friend’s until that time. My sister came with me. I took my sleeping daughter and placed her on the bed. We lit a white candle and said a few prayers. Then I spoke to my husband in a calm voice, telling him that his daughter was safe and that we no longer lived there. I asked that he “go to the light” where love was and to never come back and frighten this family again. I told him I would always look after his daughter and he could believe she would be safe. A part of me was terrified that he would appear or I would be punched. The more I spoke softly to him, the calmer I became.

I went back to my city the next day. Nothing more happened in that apartment to the mom and her little girl. Nor did my husband follow me.”

UPDATE: a photo of the building can be found here

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