True Ghost Story: The Little Girl In The Windows

Location: White River, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Rebecca on March 15, 2005:

“When I was younger I would have to have a glass of water at the side of my bed in case I needed a drink in the middle of the night. One night my mom forgot to leave one for me. So I went to the bathroom to get a drink from the sink and to go use the toilet. When I was sitting on the toilet, I looked out the window and there was a little girl standing there crying. When my mom heard me scream she came running in. I turned to show her the little girl, but she was gone. Every once in a while I still see that same little girl in the windows.”

UPDATE (Received May 27, 2005 from Melinda):

“I have to reply to one of the stories that was sent. It was from Rebecca, my daughter. The house she is talking about is about 100 years old, one of the oldest homes in White River. Many strange things have occurred there. One night after the kids went to bed I was sitting in the living room when I looked up and saw a woman walk out the front door. I froze and did not move for quite some time. When I finally got up to investigate she was gone. Did I mention that the original owners of the house are buried in a small cemetery in the lot next to the property?”

UPDATE (Received August 21, 2006 from Laura):

“I know of the Graveyard which she (Melinda) speaks of. As a child I spent countless hours in White River visiting relatives, and I can vouch for Melinda’s comments. The Graveyard in question is indeed a spooky place. And I was always told “never to find myself anywhere near the Graveyard after dark”. There were remarks made by some of the relatives that perhaps there was a few restless souls that Haunted the Graveyard. It’s a very old place,and still strikes an unsettling feeling in me.”

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