True Ghost Story: He Was Right There Examining Us

Location: northern Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website by Charlie on March 6, 2005:

“Well this is pretty interesting, but nerving as well. When I was younger, about 14 or so, me and my sister who would’ve been 8 at the time, moved into a new rental house with our parents. The house was, and may still be owned, by the same Chinese family that rented it to us. It was nicer than any house we had ever lived in. It was huge (not what we had ever had) it had 5 bedrooms 3 baths, a dining room that measured 15’x25′ and a rec room in the basement the same size. It had study rooms and extra little rooms everywhere. My father filled one of them with his religious books and materials, as well as stuff for his business. Within a day or two every book and item in there had been covered with mold, totally destroying them. Weird.

After a week or so, me and my sister were very unsettled about this place. My parents thought nothing of it. We heard foot steps and doors slamming, loud creaking sounds, and wind type sounds.

One day we were down in the rec room and I was in charge while my parents were out. We were watching t.v. All of the sudden this cold blue, yet calm face, of an oriental man (elderly) with one of those “Fu Manchu” mustaches, looked around the door at us both. I became excited and my sister ran to the far corner of the room screaming. I really couldn’t move that well. After a second or two, I ran and covered over her. I kept looking over my shoulder and he was right there examining us, kind of looking all over at us but making eye contact with me when I would look at him. Then after a minute, tops, of all this he was gone. So I said “lets run outside and wait for mom and dad”, and we did. Fast.

Our parents came home and we told them and went inside. My dad said “don’t be so stupid, get in the house” and they did nothing.

A few days later I had to watch my sister again and we didn’t want to be in the house, but we had to listen to my father and stay in the house. He was a strict man. We were watching t.v again, this time with the door to the rec room closed, and we heard thump thump thump really fast then bang! We heard that same pattern a few times and decided to investigate on our way to the front door. The bathroom upstairs was at the end of the hall with three stairs at the other end (where we standing), then the beginning of the dining room. The door handle turned and we heard some little bit of feet dragging and we backed up out of the way of the stairs and some blueish heavy set man with curly short hair jumped down the three stairs (thump thump thump). Then jumped really high and (bang) landed in the entrance of the dining room, looked at me in the eyes and blew in my face this cold cold smell. He then made an excited face, ran towards the dining table, and was gone. We went screaming outside and the house was banging and thumping and the door slammed a couple of times. My sister ran to the neighbors and I was about ten steps behind her. We waited there for my parents, I even thought it was a real person for a while. My dad came over to us as we were yelling at him “we’re over here” and he said sorry to the neighbour, brought us home and spanked my sister and yelled at me for embarrassing him.

That night I slept at the foot of my mother’s bed while my sister slept beside her. My father was downstairs watching t.v, he fell asleep on the couch. We all awoke upstairs to my father shouting bad words and death threats very loudly, and was throwing things down stairs at some “chinamen” as he said. He came upstairs and grabbed us and put us in his car as the doors were opening and closing, and slamming. We drove to my uncle’s house and the next morning I asked my mom where dad was and she said “he’s with you uncle” I thought nothing of it. He went there with my uncle, packed every thing and threw it in a van and truck and we never went back. My mom said that must have been why it was for rent so cheap.”

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