True Ghost Story: She Held A Shilaleigh

Location: Wainwright, Alberta, Canada

The following report was sent into our website in December of 2004:

“I was at home, at about 6 AM. I wasn’t feeling well, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to get out of bed. I took my comforter and headed for the living room. I entered the living room, and plopped down into the chair. I turned on a movie, and fell asleep. At about 7 AM I awoke. I was thirsty, and suddenly cold. I headed to the kitchen to fetch a water bottle. I got one from the cupboard, and went to the washroom to fill it. I had filled the water bottle, and looked up into the mirror of the bathroom. In the doorway to the living room, floated a woman in an old suit. The kind with the frill in the front, and she held a shilaleigh. I couldn’t even scream, I was so scared. The entity disappeared, and I returned to my movie, thoroughly shaken.”

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