Toronto Ghosts: ‘Someone Was There After All’

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Oct 29, 2004:

“My daughter (almost 18) was visiting at our former home last weekend and while having dinner in the dining room she looked up and saw someone standing near the end of the table, beside the french door to the living room.

That same door for years was often slamming shut and opening, scaring company, but only when people were actually in the living room. The door never moved when we were in other parts of the downstairs, and as I mentioned in a post on the Toronto site some time ago, the movement had stopped when the living room wallpaper was removed. I had thought that maybe it was a residual energy left there (a message about having to put the wallpaper up on the hottest day of the year was by the door in pencil, with dates and names, etc…).

Anyway, she was surprised to see a tall man standing there watching them, wearing maroon pajamas, with “stringy hair and high cheekbones or sunken cheeks due to illness”. She said that he was very pale and looked very unwell. It did not occur to her at first that she was seeing a spirit. She thought someone had wandered in.

When she looked over to see what the others thought about this sudden visitor standing there, she realized no one was looking and quickly glanced back. He was not visible by then.

This reminded me of when she was very young and had a high fever (spinal damage, so her fevers often spiked to 105F then). She had been crying and then stopped, smiled and babbled away. I had said, “Who are you talking to, sweetheart?” She pointed towards the same spot where she saw the gentleman the other night and said, “That nice man.” I thought at the time that she must be hallucinating, but maybe it was him all along.”

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