True Ghost Stories: Ghostly Hitch Hiker

Location: near Portage La PrairieManitoba, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Oct 21, 2004:

“One day when I was driving to work, I took a short cut cause I was getting late. There was a man who was hitch hiking so I picked him up. The place where I picked him up was called Dead Man’s Curve. Anyways, he got in my car and we carried on a conversation. I was also wondering why he sat in the back. When I was getting near Brandon he asked me for a cigarette. I said “Sorry I don’t smoke”. Then he started getting all rough, so I pulled over and told him he had to get out.

I slowly drove off then when I looked in my rear view mirror he was there, but this time with no eyes. When I got home I called my friends and they said to never pick any body up from Dead Man’s Curve again.”

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