Vancouver Ghosts: The Green Apparition

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The following report was sent into our website on Oct 24, 2004:

“I was living with my best friend at the time, in an old house that his parents had completely renovated about 2 years previously. His mom had moved to California, and his dad took a contract job in Kuwait, so I moved in for 10 months. I had noticed a few things in the first few weeks I was there, but I figured that they could have been reasonably explained. My friend’s parents did not own a television, nor did we, being only 18 at the time. We hooked up an old computer monitor to a VCR that I had brought from my parents place, now the monitor was old and everything displayed green. One night I was at home by myself watching “tv” with the lights off in the living room, when an old cedar chair I owned creaked the way it does when somebody sits in it. Completely surprised I looked at the chair and saw the perfect silhouette, in green, of a person sitting in my chair. I jumped up and turned the lights on and I could no longer see this silhouette, thinking my eyes had fooled me, I left the lights on and continued to watch “tv”, when about two minutes later, there was a sound like someone was getting out of the chair. Well my heart started pounding, I turned off the lights and there was no silhouette.

Later, I asked my friend if he had ever had any odd experiences in the house, he refused to talk about it. It wasn’t until about 3 years later when he moved out did he start telling me about things, he told me about a time that when the renovations were still being done, that he was playing his drums in the unfinished part of the house and he heard footsteps, louder than his drums, coming up the steps. He stopped playing and called out his dad and sister’s names but there was nobody there, not even in the finished section of the house.

He also told me about a time when he was by himself in the house and he took a shower. He said he shut the door, cause he always shut the door, and when he got out the door was closed, but not latched. He was not positive that he latched it but it was when he looking in the mirror and he saw the door open behind him did he yell out. There was nobody home, and he claims that there is no way the door would have opened like that.

My friend’s family no longer owns this house, but I would love to have the chance to live there again, now that I am a little bit more brave, and a lot more curious.”

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