Toronto Ghosts: ‘The Ghost Told Us A Story’

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“I live in a funky three-floor house in Toronto beaches area. This house has ghosts we know for certain there are two but we feel there could be a third as well. I have a dog and three cats, the pets all sense the ghosts as we all watch them when they sense them on the stairs or when Diablo the cat talks to them which she seems to do often by herself … but the reason that I am writing this is due to a weird thing that happened.

We have four computers here and though three are on the main floor one is on the third floor, the third floor is away from the noise as the stairway to the floor is in the corner of the second floor so it is very quiet up there except when the ghosts are about.

Once in that room I kept closing the door as one of the cats was trying to get out through the window there as the screen was easy to knock out, this was in the spring as with the a/c on they can not access the window; but I had the cats on the main floor with me and I kept the door closed and I heard a bang so I went upstairs to see what was up and the door was open, so I closed it and made the trek downstairs.

This happened twice and I was annoyed as it is a fair hike up there lol .. but then I heard another bang and yelled ok that is it I am shutting this well! When I got upstairs I noticed that a telephone book was put in front of the door to block it open… which was wild as firstly I did not even know we had a phone book and I was the only person home so I know that I had not done this… so I then told the ghost ok if you want it open it will remain so and I just made certain the window was closed so the cats could not get out.

Another night my roomie, who has his computer on the third floor, was playing with a voice recognition program. He was not having any luck so he came down to chill with us and use the computer on the main floor. Later that night a few hours as we watched a movie or two he went to turn his computer off and had noticed that the program was left running and had picked up text.

It was weird and I have it somewhere but it sounded like a story. The ghost was talking about the window and seeing someone out there. We tried to talk in the room to see if it would pick up our voices and it would not. We left it on overnight to see if anything more could be picked up but the program froze so it did not but it was wild and I know it had to have been the ghost.

I live with my niece she is 20 and she has always seen ghosts, they freak her out so she doesn’t talk to them but she can see them, I can sense them but not actually see them.

One night I described what I felt the ghost looked like and she confirmed that was one of them, the other that lives here comes through as a dark shadow outline type the first though is a man who lived here.”

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