True Ghost Story: He Walked Through The Wall

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“Most of the “ghostly” activity that I’ve witnessed occurred during the years in my mother’s former home; a split-level on a ravine in Toronto’s west end. I’d like to post today about the first time anything happened. It would have been about 1974 or ‘75.

We moved there in my teens, and at first there was nothing unusual about the house. One night, however, I woke to find someone sitting on the side of my bed watching me sleep. Assuming that this young man had broken in, and was a threat, I was horrified and tried to pretend to be sleeping until I could calm down.

He was wearing a simple button up shirt, I think white, and pants, completely normal. He noticed me waking, then carefully stood and turned to face the dresser on the sidewall.

To my complete shock he walked right through the dresser and wall, and presumably through the winter hall closet, because then footsteps could be heard going up the stairs, to be more accurate; the creaking of footsteps. I thought that I was having a waking dream, and was frozen with shock.

At this point our family dog – who was upstairs – went running to the stairway barking, waking my parents up. My father heard the ‘intruder’ and came out of their bedroom only to find no one there at

I wonder sometimes if it was the former owner, who had put a tremendous amount of work into the first floor level. Also, my bedroom was formerly his “hobby” room, and a darkroom was attached. We never did look into it due to other family circumstances at the time, and I wish we had.”

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