True Ghost Story: Haunted Garbage Can

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“Hi I would like to tell you a true story that happened in my home when I was 10 I think….I wasn’t the only one that witnessed it.

When I was just a small child I decided to lay down and watch a movie on tv. So as I was going to lay my blanket down I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I looked over and the most wacked thing happened. My garbage can had slowly laid itself down and than lifted itself up again.

I was pretty amazed so I had to investigate to see what caused it. At first I thought maybe it was a mouse or rat, so silly me was looking for a mouse or rat lol. Well When I couldn’t find a good reason for that to happen I ran down the hall screaming “we have a ghost DAD!!!!” …and I jumped into my parents bed and they just laughed at me. They somehow talked me out of believing that it was a ghost, so I went on to watch my movie.

A few days later my dad was sitting in the rocking chair watching tv and he witnessed the same thing more than once so he went to see a expert of some sort and he told him maybe someone who had died is trying to contact us. So we came home. Sure enough we got a phone call saying my cousin Jimmy was walking in a river, and the current had taken him under and that they can’t find him.

I guess this had happened the night the garbage can did that the first time. We looked above the can and there was his picture. To this day they still haven’t found his body. I miss him a lot; he was a great friend and a great cousin. Well I don’t know what you can make of this, but I thought I should post it anyway.”

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