True Ghost Story: Haunted Hospice

Location: Canada

The following report was sent into our website:

“First of all for those who don’t know what a hospice home is a home environment for anyone who is terminally ill. I have seen silhouette’s of ghost in this house and have heard someone say “hello” a few times. I have checked it out who was saying hello thinking maybe it was one of our resident’s calling for me for either med’s or maybe needs something, when I did check it out all of the resident’s were sleeping.

Another situation that happen not to long ago was with a elderly female who had a heart condition, I became close to her while she was residing at the home, she died during the night before I started my day shift, I was numb to hear the bad news. We (staff) had moved her belongings to a room which at that time was vacant.

We have a call bell system in the house which looks like a watch when resident’s need our attention they press the button. While I was preparing lunch for the 3 other resident’s the call bell system was going off in the room which had all of the belongings to the elderly lady, I would go down thinking maybe something was resting on this call bell, but when I arrived in the room couldn’t seen any signs of the call bell so I shut off the system.

A staff member who relieves me came on, I told her what was happening during the day shift, she feels that this elderly lady was contacting me by using the call bell system. I found out that the call bell was placed inside the office which is locked unless there is a office staff in there. I started to get goose bumps and the back of my hair was standing.

I did go into this room which had her belongings in it and said good bye to her ever since then the call bell stopped ringing for me. Pretty weird eh?”

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